New escort websites like are an alternative to backpage  after is taken down.

Across the internet, websites like are popping up. They are filling the “hole” left when backpage was seized by the federal government in April 2018.

Federal officials took the site down because of allegations of child sex trafficking made against the owners. It was clear that the owners of backpage were doing much to facilitate prostitution and illegal activity on the site.

Escorts worldwide were hurt by this, legitimate sex workers, not trafficked children.

It is disputed by many if this seizure helped or hurt the criminals trafficking people, and how much it hurt escorts and legitimate sex workers. Many were forced to work “on the streets” and are unable to screen clients for their escort or massage business. is one of the sites that works to HELP escorts affected and become the new backpage alternative. They have given over $50k to sexworkers affected by the shutdown,  to charity’s like SWOP and other similar organizations that work to help sexworkers.

Afterdarkads is growing, and quickly becoming the most trusted site for escorts and sexworkers.

Recently, bedpage, ebackapge, ibackpage and several other sites were exposed as working with law enforcement to expose their clients advertising, phones, contact and location info, by giving the police “access” to their accounts with a “god” password. This allows LE to see the activity of advertisers, IP addresses, phones, payment methods and more. 16 sexworkers and escorts across the nation have reported allowed police to access information in cases against them. 1 worker in Austin Texas reported police logging into her account right in front of her.

After Dark Ads has proven that as they seek to become the alternative for backpage, and best place to advertise massage, escort services and more, they are to be trusted by the industry workers. does however make it clear they WILL work with law enforcement when legitimate information comes to light showing possible human or child sex trafficking cases. Recently, traffickers in Florida were arrested with help from After Dark Ads and 4 children were rescued from a possible trafficking ring.

Sexworkers, escorts and massage providers should be careful when using new sites looking to exploit them and hurt them, like bedpage, or and  Only used trusted and reviewed sites like

It is also important to note that afterdarkads is hosted in FOSTA safe Denmark, and not from India like bedpage and its other scam sites. yesbackapge is run out of Bangledesh by a criminal named Siddiq Khan

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