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We take consumer gift cards and other payment methods and process them, converting them to funds for the vendor and allowing the consumer to purchase goods.

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Since its launch in September 2019, has become the best alternative to backpage and available.  Escorts in Florida, Adult providers in the Carolinas, and across the rest of the nation are all turning to  for posting adult services since was seized by the federal government. Independent escorts all over Canada are using after dark ads AKA more than any other site. Knowing they get the best results and traffic from the ads on have made the site the #1 alternative to craigslist, backpage and yesbackpage as well.

Afterdarkads is set up to work, look and feel just like the original backpage. The big difference is lower posting cost, becasue it is FREE for escorts to post ads! and more freedom when it comes to posting. Although  does not tolerate illegal activities like sites like yesbackpage and will not provide advertising services to anyone associated with trafficking humans or anything they believe to be harmful to people, like yesbackpage does, there is less censorship to advertiser’s ads. Afterdarkads works hard to filter out ads they believe are connected to those situations and report them to authorities accordingly.

Since craigslist removed its dating and adult sections, is the best craigslist alternative for adult dating, and adult service providers like escorts and sensual massage. Now that and have top search engine rankings above all other sites, the traffic from potential customers lets escorts once again advertise their services online. Users get a familiar layout that allows them to browse ads in privacy, without “sign ups” or other difficulty, and find escorts and adult services near them.

Escorts in San Diego and Escorts in Los Angeles see more results from ads on afterdarkads than any other 2 sites combined! Las Vegas Escorts don’t have to worry about paying for expensive advertising on yesbackpage anymore, posts on afterdarkads are FREE, this is allowing them to work and advertise in safety. Ads on are expensive, and difficult to post, where as afterdarkads makes it easy, fast and free!.

Escorts in Denver love that they can trust, unlike other sites allowing law enforcement access to user accounts to “bust” them. Dallas Escorts are especially thankful for  due to recent reports (the SAME company that owns,, icracker, yesbackpage and countless other scam sites) has given passwords to LE allowing them full access to users accounts, seeing where they post from, how they pay, and more. does not collect or store user data in this way, nor would they EVER allow anyone access to user accounts or information.  Escorts in Austin and Escorts in Houston also report this same activity from those sites. They also know is well known to customers, making it the best alternative to backpage and craigslist in 2019.  Starting in October 2019, will accept “Money Pak”s as payment for  advertising, giving escort s all over yet another easy, simple and safe way to pay for their ads.

Be sure to follow the only OFFICIAL #afterdarkads on twitter @afterdarkads and on facebook at @afterdarkads and be sure to include the  tag in any ads you place online. If our marketing department finds it, you can get FREE ad credits!

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It is an open fact that the adult entertainment industry including sex workers and the escort industry have been badly hit because of the Backpage closure. While some of them were able to manage because of regular customers, most of them find it difficult. Finding new clients is difficult unless they have a reliable platform to advertise their services. They have to spend hours on the internet to search for an ideal Backpage replacement. The professionals were upset and did not believe that Backpage had shut down. Now with afterdarkads they are thriving again!

Almost every industry today relies on the classifieds to showcase their products. Customers too rely on these classified sites to decide about their purchases. The days of visiting a store to pick up a product have given way to online shopping. So, it is necessary you choose a reliable online platform to assure yourself of the standards and quality.

Registering with afterdarkads, the new Backpage substitute is the best way for customers to find authentic services. The listings with them are huge and cover a wide range of categories. You will find the best quality service providers, artists, buying/selling agents, local places, investors, real estate agents and much more here