Welcome to afterdarkads! If you received a text with a link to this page, you are in the right place.

We want to help you understand a few thing that will increase your bookings, make you more money, and help you have a better experience with us! There is also a HUGE offer below!

1.We have heard from many of you that you never got a verification link and many of you signed up and have never logged in. We have now activated ALL accts, so head over to afterdarkads.com, sign in, USE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS, not your user name. If for any reason you can not log in, send us an email through the contact us portal on the site, or just reply to the text you got.

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3. There are a lot of other sites similar to afterdarkads.com, but here is the biggest difference, we do NOT allow fake ads, we are filtering fake posts, spam posts, the silly posts from overseas actors that are just collecting emails and phone numbers. The clients are learning that, and they love our site for it. You the advertisers are learning that and seeing that it is WRONG that you spend your hard earned money to pay to compete with fake ads, but we have a long way to go. Try our VERIFIED feature. for just a few dollars, you ad will be marked with a green logo that says “VERIFIED” , telling clients they can trust you are real, your pics are real, and you are not LE or a fake ad.

4. Post a new ad every other day! ITS FREE, but more activity from you, fresh ads, they attract better clients. If you are one of just a few ads in your city, and you have not posted in a week.. just because your old ad can be seen… does not mean a client will look or call.. they respond over 90% more to FRESH ads posted today. So post away! Use new headlines as often as you can… this will increase your bookings drastically.

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Welcome to afterdarkads. we are committed to making you money, keeping you safe, and treating you like the valued client you deserved to be treated like. Happy Holidays!