Order Credits with a Store Gift card!

Use this form to purchase credits using a store gift card , enter ONLY the cards listed.

If you are looking to use a Visa/MC or Amex Gift cards, or Venmo, Moneypak or Cashap, please return to the “Buy Credits” page and start over.

If you want to pay using a greendot, netspend, or any regular bank/debit card,


Credit purchases can take up to 4 hours to fully process.

Submit your order ONE time…

Make SURE you are using a phone we can text if there are issues
You will get a email in your account showing your credit balance when the order is complete.

If after FOUR (4) hours you do not have credits, check your phone and email, and ONLY THEN resubmit your order, double check ALL of the info and make SURE you are entering the correct card info.

When a customer follows these simple directions, taking their time and reading everything completely… they NEVER have issues and get their credits fast and easy!


Make SURE you are using your registered afterdarkads.com account email address
For amazon enter the code under the scratch of area, usually begins with AQ, for MOST cards it is the code under the scratch off area, enter the pin below
For Amazon and ebay enter 0000 For all others enter the card pin, Target and hotels are 8 digits, all others are 4 digits