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If you plan to post fake ads or ads that are scams, read this.

Ads from posters like you damage our site. 

Real escorts do not want to pay to post and compete with your ads, 

real clients do not come back to sites with tons of fake ads.

We will not allow posts that are scams or fake, unless you register as a commercial poster.

This is what happens... 

you register and pay a small registration fee.

This compensates us for the damage you do to the site.

We will then HELP you post your ads.

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1. $25,000 credits will be deposited to your account. they are good for 1 year.

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The fee is broken into 2 payments.

1. you pay $200 up front. This gets you 1 month of free posting, the $25,000 credits, and a chance to evaluate the site and traffic.

2. After the 30 day trial, if you want to continue, you pay another $200, and get 11 more months of free posts and our help.

Know this... if you do not register, you will not be able to post your ads!

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