Using a debit, credit or prepaid card is fast and EASY!

 You can use your debit/credit/greendot or reloadable debit card card through our site and receive instant credits. To do this simply fill out the form below!

Credit purchases can take up to 4 hours to fully process.

Submit your order ONE time…

Make SURE you are using a phone we can text if there are issues You will get a email in your account showing your credit balance when the order is complete.

If after FOUR (4) hours you do not have credits, check your phone and email, and ONLY THEN resubmit your order, double check ALL of the info and make SURE you are entering the correct card info.

When a customer follows these simple directions, taking their time and reading everything completely… they NEVER have issues and get their credits fast and easy!

Enter your afterdarkads account email here
example: 4321 Main st
Enter the expiration date from the card like this mm/yy
3 digit security code from back of card
Enter the 4 digit code from the FRONT RIGHT of the card